Backpack and School Supplies Event

The “Backpack Giveaway” project is an outreach project of the OCASE Foundation which is located in Washington, DC. It is no surprise that some families are struggling to make ends meet in this current economic condition. It can especially be a struggle for families with children.

As we continue to serve schools in our community, our organization volunteers began to notice a significant number of students without school supplies. We identified the need and desire to do something about it. We set out to meet the needs of all like, the homeless, the Military and the community at-large.

This community event is a necessity, many families in the need help to provide school supplies for their children,” OCASE Foundation job is to students and families who need help. “Our goal, as always, is to provide children with the tools they need to get excited about going back to school, all of which is possible because of our generous sponsors and tireless volunteers.”