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OCASE All-Star Basketball Game

The One City All-Star Basketball game pomotes, support and maintain the highest possible standards and ethics for all students.Work together with the all LEA’s for the improvement of conditions along with the promotion of Washington, DC high school basketball.  Foster good fellowship and social contact among coaches, referees and other key stakeholders in the game.Celebrate achievements and recognize excellence of our student athletics, their teams and players.

The All-Star selection process begins late in the respective sports season. Every member coach has the opportunity to nominate deserving senior student-athlete(s). Once all nominations are received, from an evaluation of their coaches.

Coaches rate the players they have seen on all-star potential and attitude. The goal: players selected will represent the best studnet-athletes in all parts of the city, as well as representing the sport and themselves in a positive manner. The All-Star selection committee is made up of coaches from the differnt LEA’S.


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