OCASE All-Star Dinner

The OCASE Foundation Banquet Dinner is  held bi-annually in March . As we know  education is first and for most on our minds of us at OCASE, the event also give us a chance to have a teachable moment 

This event also showcases other education opportunities to the students in the field of  hospitality industry where they can take classes  at university and collegs across the country, as they strive to the best student on and off the field. Examples of what one will study are courses in hospitality in restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, cruise ships, convention centers, destination marketing organizations, as well as country clubs. Hospitality subjects studied include business courses such as administrations, accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, public relations, human resource management, quantitive methods, and strategy.

We have had a lot of guest and speakers who have  attend this event, names such as Mayor Vincent C. Gray, State Athletics Director Clark Ray and School Board  President Mark Jones. This years featured speaker incuded Mrs. Lucille Heaster, Josh Morgan of the Chicgo Bears and former Washington Redskins and Mrs. Stephanie Evans.

The dinner brings students  togeather  from all over the city in sports such as soccer and basketball. The students girls and boys meet student from diffent schools across the city at the dinner, as they come togeather as ONE City.





Giving Students A Chance To Further Their Education Through Education