Parent Summit

Recognizing the critical role parents can play as their child’s “first teacher,” this engagement effort organized by the OCASE Foundation to inform parents and the community about educational initiatives and programs, family and school partnerships, and school district resources in Washington, DC. The key theme of this effort is the need to increase and support parent involvement in their children’s education.

Starting as a group of  parents who attend the gathering, that was Determined as the Parent Summit, it has grown into a popular event with parent attending each March, now held on the beautiful schools of differnt DCPS schools. Parents look forward to networking with other parents, watching their youth blossom and getting information they need to help their son or daughter become more self-determined to navigate the life of their choosing.

Each year’s summit adopts a theme and program of presentations and events. Those attending have an opportunity to network with other parents and professionals and get information about the newest regulations, programs and practices. Topics typically focus on school, supporting families, community life, self-determination, self-advocacy, leadership, health care, employment services, college and much more.

Giving Students A Chance To Further Their Education Through Education