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Parent Summit 2015

Giving Students A Chance To FurtherTheir Education Through Athletics

Parent Summit is built to inspire, equip and support families as they try to help the next generation become all that God has created them to be. Offered periodically by the OCASE Foundation, it’s a free event featuring speakers and specialists on children’s and family issues at relates to special education, social media, health and wellness.

At the Parent Summit you will encounter dynamic speakers and wrestle with vital issues that affect families today. The Summit is a place where we can come together as a community and share resources and support one another as we figure out how to best care for the next generation. It’s great for parents, grandparents, and/or any adult with influence on the next generation.

In our nation, too many students are performing at levels that are unacceptably low. Low achievement threatens students’ chances to get well-paying jobs, act as informed citizens, and lead fulfilling lives. And it affects us all: Low achievement threatens the country’s economy, national security, and international competitiveness. The need to improve student achievement is urgent.

This grassroots parents’ engagement effort will inform parents and the community about educational initiatives and programs, family and school partnerships, and school district resources. So come and join us for this great event coming in March 2015.

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Parent Summit 2014 at Johnson Middle School

Giving Students A Chance To Further Their Education Through Education