The OCASE Foundation Inc. was founded in 2009 on the premise that communities are responsible for creating healthy, safe, and educationally appropriate learning environments through sports.

Our work is well respected and relied upon force in the District of Columbia in public, privet and independent schools. The goal is as always to bring students together no matter what school they attend.

With Community support through extended family members, friends, neighbors, religious organizations, companies our programs, continue to meet the needs of the students in Washington, DC.

To that end:

  • Promote and facilitate the education of all students, with a particular focus on students in Washington, DC.
  • Establish a coalition of coaches, educators, administrators and other professionals directly and indirectly involved in the educational and sports process.
  • Create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve opportunities for coaches, educators, parents and students.
  • Identify and develop students who will one day assume leadership positions in education, coaching and influence public policy concerning the education of all students.